Halloween happened, lots to come!

My little Starr family had a great Halloween, despite some heavy energy making it a little hard to conjure up the holiday spirit – pardon the pun! Our kids keep us on track with their contagious excitement, and the extra creativity with their truly unique costume ideas this year made for a lot of fun.

Work on my current project, an animated music video for “Nights in Jail” by Dave Strong, has been coming along nicely, and after taking a couple days to refocus, and finishing up an Autumn version of our Holiday Hideaways games for the Freeport Community Services fundraiser, I’m ready to get back onto Twitch to livestream the rest of my process, and move on to my next exciting project! I have made some great connections and gotten some really solid feedback that has inspired me to explore some styles and techniques that I think I can really click with and all of my characters will really start coming to life.

I have posted three or four episodes of my short-lived Pallo comic – I will revisit it, for sure – and I have plans for something that focuses on a different part of Lodila Valley. Way up in the caves of Mount Moya, there are some stories that need to be told!

In the meantime, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for progress photos and updates, and if you would like to watch me draw in Procreate and chat about whatever comes to mind, join me on Twitch by following @peregrine_starr. I don’t have a schedule yet, but I hop on whenever I have an hour to commit, so maybe I’ll see you there!

a space-colored bear nestles with a white wolf, drawn in pen and watercolor paints, saying "True Love Will Never Die"

Fun anecdote about this image – the quote is from a song “True Love Will Never Die”, performed by Mashmakhan in 1970. When I posted it on Instagram, and used the hashtag “truelovewillneverdie”, the daughter of the man who was in the band that wrote and performed the song found my illustration by clicking it, and she commented that her father wrote that song! Of course, I got her address and sent her a print of it, right away. So cool!

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