“Nights in Jail” animated music video WIP

I have joined the 2020s and created a Twitch channel, just in case people are curious enough to watch the work for my latest project. Dave Strong is a pop punk rocker I met after I finished the “New Direction” video for Kurt Baker (see previous post), and I completed “Little Girl” for him, earlier this year. We’ve created a cool partnership, and I am now working on a new video for the song “Nights in Jail”.

I’ve used Character Animator for the first two lyric videos I made, so – with Dave being open to any ideas I have – I will be creating a comic strip-inspired style, using parallax scrolling to animate in After Effects. I got some great ColorLab and RSCO brushes for Procreate, and I can make it look like it’s on scuffed paper with a couple of those, and screen tones for shading. I’m excited to see things start to move!

From the first scene

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