The search for purpose and opportunity…

Well, here I am! Two months post-graduation, and even though I was technically finished with school in the winter, I have been focusing on finishing up some smaller projects until graduation actually happened in May. I’m in a good place to really look for the best opportunity for myself to not only secure some consistent pay for work I enjoy, but to expand my knowledge and experience, so I know that a “perfect” match will present itself when it is the right time.

As someone who has been working since I was around 13 years old, this is definitely the longest I have ever gone without bringing in a regular paycheck. My wife does a great job of reminding me that college IS work, and an investment in our future, which helps soothe my demanding Gen-X self-sufficiency monster somewhat. But there is nothing quite like finding a way to integrate personal interest and skill with productivity, and I am very eager to find it!

In the meantime, I am exploring ways to fine tune some of the skills I already possess, and have taken on a couple of projects that are on a “volunteer” basis (read: “unpaid”), both of which will challenge me to learn more and practice using the tools I’ve already gathered. I’ll be creating another music video for Dave Strong, which is really so fun for me, as well, and he does pay me. I won’t talk about the other two projects until more details are nailed down, but soon enough!

If you read this, and check out my portfolio, please reach out for more info on how I can create a looped animation for your music or logo bump or comic – pretty much anything! I am open to adventure in all directions! Stay masked and safe, and be kind.

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