Recently, from the studio:

cartoon hedgehog holding an orange flower in front of a rainbow
This cutie will soon be found on some clothing on the SHEIN website, through their SHEIN X Designer series! Now, to use the other 13 designs they didn’t want on my own clothes…

Artist Statement

I am a collage of everything I love.

I love cartoons, so I draw and animate them. I love color, so I use it everywhere, and lots of it. I love strong boundaries, so I represent them in my art with nice bold, black outlines. Textures excite me, so I layer them like blankets to make the viewer experience light reflection, softness, depth, and noise.

My personal work is infused with magic and symbolism. As a metaphysically spiritual person, I include every element of each piece with intention. My underlying messages are about adventure, inclusion, self-awareness, and opening your mind to new perspectives and ways of communicating with other people. My goal is to represent these ideals through storytelling with moving pictures.

I am most inspired by the art and writing of Tove Jansson (The Moomins), the fiction of C.S. Lewis (The Space Trilogy, Chronicles of Narnia), and animation by Studio Ghibli (Totoro, Ponyo) and Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea). 

I live in Freeport, Maine, with my wife, three children, and our cat, Lyla. We love to sing, dance, and create productive chaos at all times. Ours is a safe space for people of all kinds to be welcomed and embraced – and likely fed. 

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