Peregrine Starr creates quirky, colorful illustrations, designs, and animation and designs that appeal to anyone, of any age, who enjoys the weird and the whimsical! Every original creation is produced with an infusion of symbolism or personal meaning, and that practice is carried over into commissions, custom work, and contracted animation projects.

With extra attention to detail and great communication about each phase, Peregrine creates a bond with each project, and works with each client to achieve an outcome that everyone can celebrate. With her very wide range of graphic design, illustration, motion graphics, and animation skills, there are very few requests that cannot be fulfilled.

Peregrine is also a writer, and working on two personal projects now – a revised edition of The Golden Pinecone, originally self-published in 2012, and a comic series, “Legends of Lodila”.

We are an inclusive, LGBTQIAA+, neurodivergent, gender fluid, supporter of human rights for all type of establishment here. We welcome you all, and maintain the right to refuse projects that are not in alignment with our personal values.