About Me

Hi! I’m Peregrine Starr. I am an animator, illustrator and writer. I am in my last semester of studying Communications and New Media at Southern Maine Community College, and I am also learning as much as I can about animation, independently. Please check out my Behance profile for some examples of my work! 

As an artist, I am a collage of everything I love. I love cartoons, so I draw them, and – more recently – animate them. I love color, so I use it everywhere, and lots of it. I love strong boundaries, so I represent them in my art with nice bold, black outlines. I seem to thrive in chaos, so my taste and expression seems like a random jumble that falls into all the right places, and when all those pieces fit, it gives me a thrill – every time.

I live in Freeport, Maine, with my wife, three children, our little dog and cat. We love to sing, dance, and create productive chaos at all times. Ours is a safe space for people of all kinds to be welcomed and embraced – and likely fed. 

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